lørdag 7. juni 2008

caraoke.... beer + carrin = not good...*djises*

I am ro tired....so so tired. Yesterday we went to Tromsø with hurtigruta. We were supposed to go to this Bryan Adams consert....but after a couple of beer...and probably som more, we decided to go bar to bar instead! And how cool is that? Not at all cool...listen; Im not quite sure but I think I did some caraoke or something like that...not good not good not good at all. But it was fun...so much fun. And I am gonna miss these girls -and this one boy who work with us -when I start my new job!

Tomorrow though, its time for another crop! I hope for the weather not to be that good -and hot! Its gonna make it harder to spend the hole day inside! Anyway; So looking forward to this!

My "lykke" LO over is made by this georgeous suprise kit we got from scraphaugen. I love these fabric sheets....there are so many ways to use them! At this one I curled the edges to make this depth and dramatic look.

But right now....Im gonna take just a tiny little nap!!! Only 5 minutes...?

See ya!

2 kommentarer:

Vibeke sa...

Dette var en helt utrolig nyyydelig LO!!! Herlige farger. Denne digget jeg!!! :)

Aquarell sa...

Utrolig herlig LO!
Måtte le litt av karaoke historien.. Du er ikke den første som har gått på byen i Tromsø og ikke husker så mye dagen etter...;)


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