lørdag 21. juni 2008

My scrap space!!!

I promised the girls at scraphaugen to share some pics of my working area -or my creative space!! For about 4 year ago I started off at my kitchen using our table...it worked out well actually, but all of the sudden I had this huge bunch of scraps -and nowhere to place it!? Thank god we got this new house and my own place was all in front of me! My own room -just for scraps!

Along the wall I keep all of the glue, glimmer, glitter, cats eye, acrylics, distress and so on...need to have it close so I can just reach out for it anytime!
Thickers thickers and lot of THICKERS!!! I guess I am addicted to them...and I dont care cause they are totally amazing. I have 2 of these boxes filled up and they are so easy just to grab on to and flip through.
Bought these fantastic black boxes at Notabene yesterday! I love them!! And look at the cute little green butterfly. No idea on how to use it cause its metal...I may place it on the wall or something. Anyway, it was way to cute not to bye...
My green and pink big boxes at the top of my expedit. They store all of my kits as well as a lot of scraps that needs to be left aside -but NEVER thrown..no no! I need to learn how to get rid of my left overs...cause I never use them anyway?!
My expedit -the most amazing thing there is! Everything has its own place, and not hidden. Cause if I dont see it I forgot to use it..Theres always room for some flowers, and those prima goodies sure are the most fantastic thing!
Always ready for crops!!!
Now it seemes to be well organized, but I keep change my room all of the sudden and there is always something messy...like my ribbons! *urgh* Its a total mess!! I need to find out something smart there..*heeeelp*

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Lula sa...


Takk for hilsen i bloggen min, det satt jeg veldig pris på *klem*
Det er alltid gøy å se andres scrappeplass/pult. Jasså, så du er addicted to thickers..... me too *rødme*. Men det er jo ikke det verste å være avhengig av da *lol* Masse flott du hadde (minner meg på at jeg må rydde her snart..hehe)

Ha en flott søndag!

Klem Lula

Heidi sa...

Jøss så velorganiser du er da. Jeg prøver, men etter å ha scrappet, så er det et forferdelig rot der igjen. Nå fikk jeg i grunnen lyst til å rydde der, så etter frokost tror jeg at jeg setter i gang.
Kanskje scrappelysten kommer også.

Ha en flott søndag!

Klem fra Heidi


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