fredag 11. juli 2008

Finally vacation for 5 WEEKS?!

....and I am sooo happy about that!!! If the weather man could have only givven us this amazing weather it would have been just fine! I mean -its summer?! And my legs are still like.....milky-blue? Thats not even a word I know...
Anyway; there is loads of time for scrapping now! And I am still in love with these amazing october afternoon papers.. I have also gone nuts in buying these glitter letters from both scrap works and american craft thickers....why? I dont need them all, I know that, so why do I go ahead and buy them all then? I didnt even like glitter to begin with, and now I have to use these letters on each and every layouts that I make.

Tonight I have been busy making som wedding cards for a friend. Such a nice job! Will take som pics tomorrow while its sunny (did you get that weather man???)!

Have a nice weekend!

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Broggis sa...

God ferie til dere!!!


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