mandag 23. juni 2008

-I WON!!-

...the final of 5-kampen at with this layout! So so so happy about that! ;)

Despite my bad bad bad start of the day (didnt here my clock ringing....forgot Caspers clothes at home on our way to kindergarden...had to turn and get them....couldnt get my car-doore opened again so I had to get help from our neigbour....krmph....and so on and on it goes) I had a great time today afterall! We went to Skognes to have a picnic and go to the beach! It was so nice!!!

Tomorrow by the way....I have to visit my dentist! NOT AT ALL looking forward to it, but its about time. Havent been there for about 5 years so....I am ashamed! I tomorrow -wish me luck! *buuhuuu*

søndag 22. juni 2008

-Glimmer mist rocks!!!-

I finally got to do a lauout with my june BG kit...I have bin trying since I got it but with no results..Dont know why. The colors are all totally me and the embellish are stunning. Well, here is one...hopefully there will be a few more!

Glimmer mist by the way is such a nice little thing. A few close ups here to show how I`ve used it! At the last pic I wanted to add some pink glimmer before the glossy accent at the letter got dry. Not cuite sure what happend but the glimmer kinda got its way to each edge of the letter -not what I planned but anyway..

It has bin an effectiv day for scrapping. I have also bin working on som DT layouts for the dreamies. You`ll have it by july! Just a tiny little sneak right now...

lørdag 21. juni 2008

My scrap space!!!

I promised the girls at scraphaugen to share some pics of my working area -or my creative space!! For about 4 year ago I started off at my kitchen using our worked out well actually, but all of the sudden I had this huge bunch of scraps -and nowhere to place it!? Thank god we got this new house and my own place was all in front of me! My own room -just for scraps!

Along the wall I keep all of the glue, glimmer, glitter, cats eye, acrylics, distress and so on...need to have it close so I can just reach out for it anytime!
Thickers thickers and lot of THICKERS!!! I guess I am addicted to them...and I dont care cause they are totally amazing. I have 2 of these boxes filled up and they are so easy just to grab on to and flip through.
Bought these fantastic black boxes at Notabene yesterday! I love them!! And look at the cute little green butterfly. No idea on how to use it cause its metal...I may place it on the wall or something. Anyway, it was way to cute not to bye...
My green and pink big boxes at the top of my expedit. They store all of my kits as well as a lot of scraps that needs to be left aside -but NEVER no! I need to learn how to get rid of my left overs...cause I never use them anyway?!
My expedit -the most amazing thing there is! Everything has its own place, and not hidden. Cause if I dont see it I forgot to use it..Theres always room for some flowers, and those prima goodies sure are the most fantastic thing!
Always ready for crops!!!
Now it seemes to be well organized, but I keep change my room all of the sudden and there is always something my ribbons! *urgh* Its a total mess!! I need to find out something smart there..*heeeelp*

tirsdag 10. juni 2008

Bad girls layouts...still in love!!

Last sundag -during this hot hot summer day, I spend the holde day inside (sorry mom, I`ll do my garden -flower kinda work sometime...) having the greatest time with such a nice bunch of girls!! I love crops...and actually I did as much as 3 layouts?! I usually end up with one ore maybe 2....theres sooo much to talk about you know. All 3 of them is made by bad girls may kit.

Buttons, buttons and tons of buttons at this PINK boy LO... Some day you may hate me Casper, but the may kit sure did have a lot of pink georgeous stuff.. Easy as that!

This Lo was supposed to submit the sketch challenge at pencil lines were supposed to use the BG june kit, not may.. Saw that when I got home *arrrgghh*

Its finally summer yes!!!

Yesterday I got my template from scrapdreamie and who would have known that it would be this hard to put a few pics and words into this??? I guess I spend at least 3 hours at my computer without getting anything right... I think they have my work by no -but I am absolutely not sure....time will tell...

lørdag 7. juni 2008

caraoke.... beer + carrin = not good...*djises*

I am ro so tired. Yesterday we went to Tromsø with hurtigruta. We were supposed to go to this Bryan Adams consert....but after a couple of beer...and probably som more, we decided to go bar to bar instead! And how cool is that? Not at all cool...listen; Im not quite sure but I think I did some caraoke or something like that...not good not good not good at all. But it was much fun. And I am gonna miss these girls -and this one boy who work with us -when I start my new job!

Tomorrow though, its time for another crop! I hope for the weather not to be that good -and hot! Its gonna make it harder to spend the hole day inside! Anyway; So looking forward to this!

My "lykke" LO over is made by this georgeous suprise kit we got from scraphaugen. I love these fabric sheets....there are so many ways to use them! At this one I curled the edges to make this depth and dramatic look.

But right now....Im gonna take just a tiny little nap!!! Only 5 minutes...?

See ya!

onsdag 4. juni 2008

I can finally TOOT!!!

ScrapGenie finally wanted me to join the dream team.....and I am soooo happy about that! At the same time I feel like a complete idiot alongside all those extremly talented girls!!!
It gonna be so much fun though, and I have already completed my first project for them.
Thanks so much for Oddbjørg and her being norwegian...I guess I have overload her msn with questions the last couple of weeks!!

Anyway, from no on my blog has to be all in english... My dictionary needs to be found -in a hurry! Guess there is time for som clean ups, not only in my scraproom but also all my school stuff as well!

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