onsdag 16. juli 2008

Støvler til besvær!!!

Guri som jeg koser meg for tida altså!!! Ferie er tingen altså...oppe halve natta, sittende midt i midt herlige kaos av scraps -uten å være redd for å forsove meg dagen etter!!! Glimmers!! Bare noen dager igjen til det bærer mot Kaptein Sabeltann og HOBBYHIMMELEN!!!!
Fram til da får en vel prioritere campingvogna litt foran scrapperommet kanskje...

Iallefall; nok en october afternoon her fra meg!!! Pluss mitt favoritt av alle favoritt band ever!!! Det svære bandet mitt i, med de knæsje fargene...er desverre fri for det nå! Men det er jo igrunn egentlig helt greit! Et godt tegn at en faktisk klarer å bruke opp noe her...hehe!

Ha en fin dag! :)

søndag 13. juli 2008

Bad girl birthday bash scraplift challenge

There is a fun scraplift challenge going on at Bad Girls at the moment. You have 24 hours to lift the layout above you -and this is my result! The LO also needed to be themed wich means I had to use only photograps of my self and about what being a bad girl means to me! Fun challenge -loved to be a part of this!

I also got the greatest luck yesterday!!!
I won the "et lite ord" challenge at scrappemania with my Endelig Iskrem layout!! So so happy about that!

lørdag 12. juli 2008

Time for weddings!

I`m not the one getting married though... Made these cards last night. I tryed to do them as simple as possible.

Psssst; the weather is all fine today!!!!

fredag 11. juli 2008

Finally vacation for 5 WEEKS?!

....and I am sooo happy about that!!! If the weather man could have only givven us this amazing weather it would have been just fine! I mean -its summer?! And my legs are still like.....milky-blue? Thats not even a word I know...
Anyway; there is loads of time for scrapping now! And I am still in love with these amazing october afternoon papers.. I have also gone nuts in buying these glitter letters from both scrap works and american craft thickers....why? I dont need them all, I know that, so why do I go ahead and buy them all then? I didnt even like glitter to begin with, and now I have to use these letters on each and every layouts that I make.

Tonight I have been busy making som wedding cards for a friend. Such a nice job! Will take som pics tomorrow while its sunny (did you get that weather man???)!

Have a nice weekend!

mandag 7. juli 2008

Got a little late...

...with this one! I had actually planned on using it for the Tracie Hudson challenge at scrappedugnad. But 4th of july is already over...I just put it right here then! The layout is kinda bended in all direction if you take a closer look...thats the bad thing about glimmer mist!


I like the picture though! My cool 4 year old little dude (makes sence with the papers right..?) wanted me to take his picture when he made this angry/ scrary look... No way he was gonna smile! Na-ha!! Nope -bin there done that sort of..
Have to figure out a way to make him smile again I guess! ;)

søndag 6. juli 2008

-Et lite ord -scrappemania-

Gosj gosj gosj!!! I have found my all time favorite papers in the new october afternoon collection! I mean -they are georgeouss -and both sided! Hard to even decide wich way to use.

Anyway; I made this layout for a challenge at scrappemania - "et lite ord" You were supposed to use the word "finally/ endelig"

So now I am jumping right back at my bunch of october afternoon goodies! ;)
See ya!

fredag 4. juli 2008

-love elsie love- <3

Made this with the coolest papers there is; the love elsie forrest collection!! Love them!! Take a closer look at the dreamie blog if you like!

Have nothing more to say no other that chinese food are the greatest!! Yey!!

torsdag 3. juli 2008

-lots of photos-

We spend last saturday up at Polar zoo. Caspers loves spendig time up there. So for the next visit we`re planning on staying there even longer. Bring food and play the hole day long!

Ice cream!!! Yummy! The bear really wanted this one so we had to hide for a while so Casper coluld finish his ice cream -with no hungry bear up at his nose!

I am a bit scrared of these huge wolfs!! Dont like them at all...
But the bear is just so funny!! He loves to be taken pictures of and he even did take a swim and went up close to us and shaked the water off....yaiks!

onsdag 2. juli 2008

-sneaks and award-

It has been a while..guess turning 31 makes you kinda lazy, but I havent been doing that much since my last post actually! I had this great birthday by the way!! Inge cleaned up the hole house, did ALL of our laundrey, made a georgeous dinner, baked a huge cake and even told me to take a nap after work! I dont think this has ever happend before. Well...so we can say that turning 31 do make you lazy!

The sneaks on top is a for my love, elsie forrest work at scrapdreamie. Thank god I got to work with these cool and funky mix of goodie! They`ll be up on the dreamy blog by a couple of days...my first entry there! Cant wait...!!
Thank you so so so much everyone of you who gave me this brilliante weblog award! I can not even remember who gave it to me so I prefere not to mention any names...sorry -I stink I know!
-rules are:
Who gets the AWARD “ Brilliant WEB-blog ? “Web sides and blogs , witch contents and designs YOU think, are especially noteworthy.
Award rules are:
Winner takes and uses the LOGO.Make a link to the page who gave you this award.Find at least 7 pages to give this award – (best blog design, best show of designs, whatever YOU find to be the reason why it is the most BRILIANT web page).
Make links to the pages you choose.Make a comment and let them know they have been AWARDED.

So Chris Jenkins; I `ll pass this over to you! You are such an amazing photagrapher!! I wish i knew the secret behind your stunning pics. Thay amaze me each and every time I visit your blog.

...and for the rest of you; you probably have gotten this award 3-4 times already, so no hard feelings! Okay, now I need to find my bed. I have to go to work at 07.00 tomorrow....blaaah...hate it! I am sooo ready for my 5 weeks of vacation now...

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