torsdag 3. juli 2008

-lots of photos-

We spend last saturday up at Polar zoo. Caspers loves spendig time up there. So for the next visit we`re planning on staying there even longer. Bring food and play the hole day long!

Ice cream!!! Yummy! The bear really wanted this one so we had to hide for a while so Casper coluld finish his ice cream -with no hungry bear up at his nose!

I am a bit scrared of these huge wolfs!! Dont like them at all...
But the bear is just so funny!! He loves to be taken pictures of and he even did take a swim and went up close to us and shaked the water off....yaiks!

1 kommentar:

Aquarell sa...

Ser ut som dere hadde en herlig dag i Polar Zoo. Vi har planlagt å dra dit en dag, må bare få bestemt oss for det...;)
Ha en fin helg.


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