onsdag 2. juli 2008

-sneaks and award-

It has been a while..guess turning 31 makes you kinda lazy, but I havent been doing that much since my last post actually! I had this great birthday by the way!! Inge cleaned up the hole house, did ALL of our laundrey, made a georgeous dinner, baked a huge cake and even told me to take a nap after work! I dont think this has ever happend before. Well...so we can say that turning 31 do make you lazy!

The sneaks on top is a for my love, elsie forrest work at scrapdreamie. Thank god I got to work with these cool and funky mix of goodie! They`ll be up on the dreamy blog by a couple of days...my first entry there! Cant wait...!!
Thank you so so so much everyone of you who gave me this brilliante weblog award! I can not even remember who gave it to me so I prefere not to mention any names...sorry -I stink I know!
-rules are:
Who gets the AWARD “ Brilliant WEB-blog ? “Web sides and blogs , witch contents and designs YOU think, are especially noteworthy.
Award rules are:
Winner takes and uses the LOGO.Make a link to the page who gave you this award.Find at least 7 pages to give this award – (best blog design, best show of designs, whatever YOU find to be the reason why it is the most BRILIANT web page).
Make links to the pages you choose.Make a comment and let them know they have been AWARDED.

So Chris Jenkins; I `ll pass this over to you! You are such an amazing photagrapher!! I wish i knew the secret behind your stunning pics. Thay amaze me each and every time I visit your blog.

...and for the rest of you; you probably have gotten this award 3-4 times already, so no hard feelings! Okay, now I need to find my bed. I have to go to work at 07.00 tomorrow....blaaah...hate it! I am sooo ready for my 5 weeks of vacation now...

1 kommentar:

Lula sa...

Hei hei!

Det blir spennende å følge med på scrapdreamie sine sider, can`t wait;)

Det var meg som var sammen med HegeAL på Papertrends ja;) Så du har nok sett meg før, he he. Synd vi ikke fikk pratet sammen, det hadde vært hyggelig. Men du kommer kanskje over til neste messe?

Ha en flott helg!


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